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Human Distance Reiki Session

Human Distance Reiki Session

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Reiki is the universal life force energy that flows through space, time, and all the matter in existence. Since we are part of that matter, Reiki also flows through us. Reiki energy is comparable to a radio station broadcasting radio waves everywhere. There are no wires connecting the radio station with your home, but when you turn on the receiver and tune into the radio waves from the station, you receive what they are sending. Likewise, the principles of a Reiki session are the same. 

When a practitioner is performing a Reiki session, the energy measured emanating off of their hands produces significantly higher magnetic readings of 7 to 10 hertz in the Theta and Alpha range than from the hands of a non-practitioner. This energy frequency is associated with feelings of contentment, relaxation, and overall wellness and reductions in fear, anxiety, depression, and stress. Other common observations after receiving Reiki sessions are reductions in physical illness, injuries, and chronic physical, mental, and emotional conditions. 

Since it is a distance session, it can be done in the comfort of your own home, while I am in the comfort of my own sacred space. I have found that this makes the connection stronger and results in a more powerful session due to the lack of distractions that can take place when you are in a new environment and/or dealing with physical cues. 

A typical private Distance Reiki Session with me involves:

  • Aura Clearing/Restoring your Aura to your specific homeostasis (balance)
  • Usui Ryoho Reiki and Crystal Reiki combination
  • Chakra Balancing and Reading
  • Sound and Frequency Healing modalities like: Tuning Forks and Tank Drums
  • Written observations that I gathered during your session and Chakra reading in an email post-session. 

    I am so excited to start working with you, and if we have worked together before, I look forward to continuing this healing journey with you. :)

    Contact me in the form below to schedule your next session, or if you have any questions. :)

    Important Note: Your personal information is safe with me. I will not use any of your personal information outside of the realm of completing your Reiki session and making further Reiki sessions with you as productive as possible. We are all on this healing journey together. Also understand that these services are not a substitute for medical treatment or medications. Be aware that diagnosis is not given and medication is not prescribed.  Please continue to have regular medical check-ups as part of your overall health care plan.

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